SNOBS Convention Photo's

2007-0824-img6731-eric [800x600]

All Photos FREE
There will be no charge using the pictures if you mention my name!

A few samples will be posted on facebook during the convention.
The full set of pictures will be placed on my website approximately 4-5 weeks after the convention.
The photos can be downloaded in high resolution JPG, suitable for website use and for high quality printing.

Use of pictures / license
The copyright/ownership of the pictures remains with the photographer, also if you bought the pictures.  
I license you to freely use and publish the pictures, provided you mention the photographer (Eric Ideler).

Contact the Photographer
Photos have all been taken by Eric Ideler
Contacts preferably via e-mail:

SNOBS Convention 2022

Due to corona the conventions in 2020 and 2021 did not take place.
Next opportunity will be the SNOBS/SAI32/European Convention in May 2022.
Unfortunately it was not possible for me to take pictures at this convention.

SNOBS Convention 2019

SNOBS Convention 2018

SNOBS Convention 2017

SNOBS Convention 2016

SNOBS Convention 2015

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