European Barbershop Convention

The inaugural European Barbershop Convention (EBC) was first held in 2003 in Veldhoven, Holland. It was hosted by Holland Harmony and initially, it was a European contest for Women.

Since then the competition has gone from strength to strength. In 2009 the Competition incorporated the Men's quartets and choruses from Europe and was hosted by Holland Harmony once again.

Four years later the European Convention in 2013 saw the Convention incorporate a Mixed Quartet contest. It was held in Veldhoven, Holland and hosted by Holland Harmony.

In 2017 the European Barbershop Convention was held in Bournemouth and organised by LABBS.

The next EBCi was scheduled for 2021 in Sweden but due to corona the event was postponed until May 2022.


The events have been covered by several photographers.

2003: Eric Ideler and Foto Aartsen
2009: Remco Heerooms and Foto Aartsen
2013: Remco Heerooms, Ursula Kölle, Hans Martens and Foto Aartsen
2017: (contest/show) and Eric Ideler (back-stage, afterglow)
2021+1: please check the EBC2021+1 website

Use of pictures / license

The copyright/ownership of the pictures remains with the photographer, also if you bought the pictures.
You can freely use and publish the pictures, provided you mention the photographer (Eric Ideler, Remco Heerooms, Ursula Kölle, Hans Martens or Foto Aartsen).
The pictures by Event-Photos need to be bought via

European Barbershop Convention 2017

Above EBC2017 galleries are the pictures by Eric Ideler and cover the back-stage events and afterglows.

The official EBC2017 contest/show pictures have been realized by Event-Photo and can be viewed (and purchased) via their own website:

European Barbershop Convention 2013

European Barbershop Convention 2009

-initial- European Barbershop Convention 2003

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